The Topics on agenda for the 7th June Elections

The Topics on agenda for the 7th June Elections


This article will try to summarize 2 topics that are related with the election of 7 June 2015. Kurdish issue, Internal Security Package will be basic subject. These subjects have effects on both Turkish foreign and domestic policy. The effects of subjects will be discussed by taking in terms of regional power, balance of power into consideration. Turkey and its potential power will be considered. How to balance power in domestic policy will added in analysis. An analysis will be done under this frame work: Reconciliation process which has been started by AKP government in order to resolve Kurdish issue, more power has been given to the police by the Internal Security Package. Those issues are related to 7th of June general elections in Turkey. Starting with Kurdish issue and its historical background, the analysis will be finished with Internal Security Package.

  1. Kurdish issue

Turkey and its dramatic history especially after Sultan Abdülhamit never come to an end. Thanks of Ottoman huge legacy and its remnants on the Republic of Turkey are still visible. One of the important issues in Turkish policy (particularly domestic) is Kurdish issue that has not be solved yet. After the First World War, Atatürk and his comrades tried to impose the regime of republic on the whole society. But some part of society did not accept the rule of republic. They decided to battle. Most of them were Kurd.

East region of Turkey has a big Kurd population. They were controlling by themselves with tribe power. This ruling system was challenge to Republic of Turkey. Turkish army went to the region and killed most of them. Seyit Rıza was the leader of Dersim rebellion and he was executed. What happened after this rebellion made Kurdish issue insoluble and artificial problem with help of imperialist power. Although many ways by Turk and Kurd politicians try to solve the problem, it is still alive. But most part of its bad effect is demolished by reconciliation process.

The predecessor of the reconciliation process was Turgut Özal. His policy and tactic to make a big Turkey was passing in the way of solving Kurdish issue. He used this policy to come power and he was successful. Erdoğan did the same thing and he also direct his advisor to talk Öcalan(who is the leader of PKK). Erdoğan and his extensive policy option gave lots of opportunities to his government. Now, Davutoğlu is Prime Minister. After very serious negotiations, many declarations and statements are made by mouth of the Kurds and Turkish politician are pillar of Turkish general elections. For 7 June elections, Kurdish issue is still holding its importance. 28th of February, Sırrı Süreyya Önder(Deputy of HDP) ,Yalçın Akdoğan(Deputy Prime Minister) and their delegation made a joint press conference. Önder read the 10 clauses that are written by Ocalan. Ocalan urged PKK to lay down arms with reported 10 clauses. 10 clauses focused on the topics of ‘democratic right and democratization’. This event will directly affect 7th June election.

  1. Internal Security Package

Security is the main principle for the survival of state. It is the ultimate way to get rid of any threat. In order to secure state’s territory and citizens, defense expenditure must be provided its need. Law enforcement agencies are the head of defender. Soldiers and police officers are trying to save our life. In Turkey we saw lots of protest against every government. And also we saw that many protest against Turkey’s state from extreme left-wing supporters, extreme right-wing supporters, anarchist, root and branch Islamist so on so forth. After Gezi Park protests, most of the people (who is in protest) thought that police power should be decrease with a constitutional amendment. There was a

young child who was killed by police’s bullet. Many people have arrested, some of them have tortured.

In the way of find a best solution for police power or in order to regulate police power government took a decision which

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is offering Internal Security Package. The proposal of law is giving many responsibilities to police officer. Police have two powers that are judicial and administrative. Police depends on public prosecutor in the case of criminal. Public prosecutor is collecting evidence in order to find guilty and he or she is using police in order to find evidence and guilty easier. Police can’t do whatever he or she wants. Here is the most known authority that polices have: Catching, taking statements, custody, investigation. Polices are doing those jobs with permission of public prosecutor. Public prosecutor is the legal controller of polices. When the Internal Security Package is passed, the situation will change. If police see you in protest, you can be in prison for 48 hours and also police do not have to have permission of public prosecutor to take you in prison. So, you have to be careful where you are. Police can come to your home in the lately hours of night and they can research your home if you are suspect. If you have Molotov cocktail on your hand, you can be dead by police gun. Some of the people said that Turkey is turning from law state to police state. But everyone have to think, if anyone who has Molotov cocktail or any other tools that may hurt police or innocent people what should police do? Do they have to give rose to protesters? Polices are also in danger. I am totally agree some of police officers are doing their job badly and this package is giving lots of power to police, but in order to prevent from any violent rebellion, package must be passed. But it should be regulate.

Internal Security Package is the one of the important issue that has been discussing in parliament since January. It is the most popular subject in media. The government is advocating this reform but MHP, CHP are the opposite party to this amendment. And also HDP is not trying to see this amendment like that. In USA, we saw many people can shoot in street if they do something wrong against police or law. We also know that is not normal. We do not want to see this kind of death in Turkey, we also do not want to see dead police officer and violent against society. Internal Security Package must be regulated in terms of human being and conscience. It must be double-checked by deputy of Turkish Grand National Assembly.

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